No Limits

Amy Brent (Inglés)


Let me mention why falling for Charlene is not my wisest move:

  1. I need her to be my shark. And that means, I need to work very closely with her! (Did I mention that I’m captivated by her innocence, by that raw talent, by the way she wins over potential investors? And she doesn’t give a f*ck to my money.)
  2. There’s media all around – looking for news about my next scandal. (Given my playboy reputation, this trip could be nothing but scandal. I am done the moment I see those plump lips wrap themselves around that cocktail straw. I bet that sweet throat of hers could pull a gallon of c*m from my balls.)
  3. She works in my company. And that makes her completely off limits. (But why am I lusting after that voluptuous body she is hiding underneath those crisp business suits? Those legs that can go on forever, those plump lips calling my name, and those curves molding to my throbbing muscles.)


F*ck the no fraternizing policy.

I want to own her, mark those t*ts as mine, claim her – forever.

And I want her to have my baby!

Guess some lines are to be crossed, right?


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