Make You Mine

Katy Kaylee (Inglés)


Two broken hearts. Six Years. And a HUGE Secret.


What do you do when you are interviewing for a dream job and the interviewer turns out to be your crush from high school?

The crush who left you without a word six years ago…

Well, apparently, you are supposed to say no to the job!

Unless…you are like me and decide to take revenge.

Yes, I am going to make him fall in love with me all over again.

And then, I am going to break his heart.

Just the way he broke mine…six years ago.

He’s so gonna regret messing with me in the first place!



It surely is a weird feeling…seeing her walk into the interview room in that tight pencil skirt and crisp white shirt.

I shouldn’t be looking at her this way.

Not again…

She’s forbidden and she’s never going to forgive me for what I did.

But one look into her eyes lights that fire inside me and I know I can’t stay away.

I need her and will do everything to make her mine.

I owe it to myself, to fate and to her!

May be if I play my cards right, I will get my second chance with Torryn.


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