Highlander´s Enemy; A Historical Scottish Romance Novel

Matie Cole (inglés)


No one should have messed with Laird Mason MacGregor.

After years of losses and struggles against the English, Mason only has his son and his clan left. And now he is about to lose everything.
With his son kidnapped and his castle threatened, Mason takes the path of revenge and kidnaps Lady Bethany Windsor, the daughter of his enemy.
Lady Bethany lives under the control of her father, who considers her a hindrance for being a woman. She feels alone in a wild country and with the only perspective of a marriage she does not want.

Until Laird MacGregor appears and changes everything.

Surrounded by enemies and with a man who should hate her, she finds a happiness that she did not think possible. But can Mason forget that they are enemies? Will he be able to believe in her innocence when they want to convince him that she is a traitor?

And most important, can she love this badass Highlander?

Disponible el 23/10/2020



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