Falling For The Nanny

Bella Winters (inglés)


Teri…she came into my life when I needed her most… and I didn’t even realize that this love was missing.

It hasn’t been easy being a single father to my four-year-old son, Bobby.

But we’ve done remarkably well together since losing his mother about two years ago in a tragic accident.

I love my son. I work hard in my businesses. I’ve been very successful in my life.

But I feel as though I’m done when it comes to love. I had my chance.

And now Teri has come into my life. She is beautiful, sweet, so smart, and she loves Bobby who loves her back.

She is my son’s new nanny. And though I know it’s a mistake, I can’t help that I’m falling madly in love with her.

I think she feels the same, but both of us are paralyzed with the desire, afraid to take that first move.

It’s not proper. It’s not professional.

And I’m not sure I’m ready to experience love with another woman.

But my desires are starting to consume me…. what will the outcome be?


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