Claiming Cinderella

Amy Brent (Inglés)


I’m supposed to marry a princess, but I’d settle for a Cinderella.


Promises and commitments? Nah…that’s not me.

So, when mother asks me to marry a rich high society girl,

I have a flawless game plan.

I invite locals to the masquerade party.

And when I see her pleading with the gateman,

My heart skips a beat.

Seems like she’s bribed God himself to hook her up.

One look into her ocean blue eyes

And I know I am in trouble.

I want to feel her all over, kiss those f*ckable lips, sm*ck that round a$$ and have her in more ways than one.

She’s come to my party.

And now, I’ll have her coming all night long….


But why am I dreaming about…..a future?

I don’t do commitments. That’s not me!



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