Boos Next Door

Mia Ford (inglés)


I will keep my hands to myself.

I will not stare at the guy next door.

And I will definitely not have a one-night stand with him.


But one single touch and my plan crumbled into dust.

William was just too tempting to ignore.

A billionaire with piercing blue eyes.

Could you blame a girl for hooking up with a hot older man?

But this is not why I moved to a new town.

This is not why I applied to a new job.

I’ve got to focus.

Keep my eyes on the prize.

And forget about the billionaire who took my breath away.

Except that there’s one tiny problem.

The man I’m trying to forget is at my workplace.

He’s sitting behind a mahogany desk.

Staring at me with those same blue eyes that make me blush.


Yes, it’s William.

And yes, it feels like doomsday.

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