Billionaire´s Secret Baby

Mia Ford (inglés)


The first time I met him and my heart stopped right there…

I had a massive crush on him.

He was handsome, suave, charismatic, and just damn sexy.

Plus, being a successful man was just icing on the cake.


I could see Mason had a great heart.

He loved his son.

I respected him so much.

And when he mentioned he was looking for a nanny…

I quickly offered to help.

Little did I know what I was putting myself into.

The man who looked so perfect from outside had a broken heart.

Soon, I realized he was too wounded…the scars were so fresh.

Maybe I was too blind to think of a future with him.

But once he knows I am carrying his baby…

Would he be willing to open the doors to a world he had been cutting himself forever?



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