Accidental Dad

Katy Kaylee (Inglés)


Doctor Winters… would you like to be a daddy… my baby daddy?

It would just take one little accident, right?


I… I want a baby,

No, no… I don’t want IVF,

I want it the ‘old fashioned way’.

I want it …. with you, doctor.


When Doctor Ted Winters takes me to a sperm bank,

I am supposed to be evaluating the qualities I want in a donor.

But, all I am thinking about is,

How about Doctor Winters as the… omg…

We all deserve a second chance in life, right?


Well, I know it’s not going to happen,

I know what I did back then was unpardonable,

And yet, I am dreaming about our future.

Dreaming about him rubbing my swollen pregnancy feet,

Dreaming about him running out at midnight to satisfy my weird food cravings,

Dreaming about him feeling my belly when the baby kicks.


A high-school sweetheart, now my fertility doctor, and in the future…

Well, who knows…


Judge me all you want,

Call me the queen of scandals, if you will!


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