A Love Without Limits, 1



They were made for each other, until his real fiancée interfered.

After being orphaned, Megan McLeold and her sister Elsie are left in the care of their Uncle Murgan, a despicable man who wishes to take over the lands by marrying Megan and forcing Elsie into a marriage with a dreadful man.
With a rebellious and determined spirit, Megan does not intend to obey her uncle’s orders and both flee to their only salvation: the lands of her fiancé, laird Sloan MacKinnon.

Sloan couldn’t believe this haughty, exciting and gorgeous woman was his previous fiancée. Although the most surprising thing is that she does not know that an agreement was never reached and they are not actually engaged. But how do you tell her when they have nowhere to go and her uncle claims her as his wife?

Everything gets complicated when he decides to shut it up and an increasingly intense attraction arises between them. But her troubles have only just begun when the vengeful Lady Kaithria appears shortly after, his actual fiancée, who is accompanied by the harpy of her future mother-in-law.

Chaos, passion, lies and a dirty plot will be the trigger for this story, where anything is possible.

Disponible el 25/11/2020

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